Thursday, October 9, 2014

10 of Our Favorite Sexy Cosplays

One reward of all the work it takes to craft a great cosplay is the fun of getting to act like a kid.  Who doesn't like to dress up?  Halloween costumes year round?  A stellar idea.  Another reward is that the cosplayer gets to be admired for her (or his) dedication, craft, beauty and style, to be respected for her artistry.  And finally, the cosplayer gets to  -- depending on the cosplay, of course -- strut and shine in broad daylight, to be shameless, open, and playful, to be both anonymous and iconic in the same body, to radiate a powerful, brazen sexuality.  With that last aspect in mind, we want to dedicate this post to praising some of our favorite sexy cosplays.  These picks are our ideas of what makes for a sexy costume.  We'll try as hard as possible to not be the sexist monsters we probably are.   

Black Cat best cosplay
 #10) Black Cat

There's just something inherently sexy about the Black Cat costume (same with Catwoman), and so it's a popular cosplay with those wanting to get in touch with their feline side.  This gorgeous woman's version of the character worked for us because of her playful pose.  Kitten has claws.  But they look like they're set to "tickle".  Meow.

Super Sonico cosplay
 #9) Super Sonico

A gorgeous model shot by a talented photographer.  There's not much to the costume to comment on other than her excellent make-up job; this look is all about the color composition.  An inspired choice for the background color makes pink seem like the most natural hair-color in the world and makes this cosplayer seem like the girl next door, someone easy to get to know.  Some anime-inspired cosplayers try to make themselves as cartoon-like as possible (giant eyes much?).  We like this woman who's created a living anime who seems entirely at home in our universe. 

Velma cosplay
#8) Velma

It didn't seem that way when we were kids watching Scooby-Doo, but it turns out in real life, of Velma and Daphne, Velma is the hot one.  First off, knee-length socks are just sexy.  Second, nerd-girls are sexy.  How sexy?  Sexy enough that if you combine those two elemental forces of sexy, you can cover more than half your body in ORANGE and still look great.  Jinkies.

Lara Croft cosplay

#7) Lara Croft

We can't help it.  We're animals.

Green Lantern cosplay
 #6) Green Lantern

On the other hand, there's this cosplayer, who's showing very little skin but is still a total hottie.  It's all about her confidence, spunky attitude, expressive face and flirty eyes.  We submit to her will, as if we had a choice.

Scarlet Witch cosplay
#5) Scarlet Witch

We were split on this Scarlet Witch cosplay.  She has a very pretty face, we like her hair and costume and bemused (bemusing?) expression.  As testosterone-fueled beasts, we're programmed to respond positively to an hourglass figure.  But we kept thinking that she must be wearing a corset and that it must be damned uncomfortable, and that she'd still look great even if her waist were a few more inches around.  So we argued over whether or not she looked unnatural, but in the end, we couldn't take our eyes off her and that won her a spot on this list.  Chaos magic!

Rei Ayanami cosplay

#4) Rei Ayanami

Another case of "not much to the costuming", but this cosplay girl's personality shone through and won our hearts.  Sometimes all you need is an impish smile, delightful eyes, creamy legs and a pose that's like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Wonder Woman cosplay
#3) Wonder Woman

The costume is perfect, her look is seductive, and well, wow.  Less "warrior woman" than "Cosmo cover," but we're not complaining.

Supergirl cosplay
#2) Supergirl

We love this cosplayer's Supergirl so much.  She radiates confidence without cockiness and wholesomeness without naievete.  Moreover, the photograph is in such Summery colors, it seems as though she's lit from within.  The darkest part of the photo is her eyes, so the viewers gaze is drawn back to them, a delightful oasis in a dimension of warm tones.

Poison Ivy cosplay
#1) Poison Ivy

We're all Marvel guys.  Could our Top 3 on this list all really be DC characters?  As it turns out, yes.  This Poison Ivy cosplayer seals the deal.  This woman is so attractive, I can't see how she wouldn't make Top 10 lists of categories she's not even in.  Top 10 Life Hacks from Old Books?  Uh, sure, have you seen Poison Ivy?  Top 10 Places to Vacation in Mexico?  We're just saying.  The cosplayer's beauty combined with excellent costume, lighting and mood make this cosplayer our favorite of the bunch.  

Think we're wrong?  Did we miss the sexiest cosplayer or best cosplay out there?  Share your best photos in the comments section below.

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