Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buy Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity: A Party Game for Horrible People knows there's sweet black crude in the depths of the human brain.  And more than that, it knows how to sniff it out in the crass and modest alike and tickle them till they spurt.  Yes, sticky goo gushes all over the place and gets in people's hair, but everyone's laughing too hard to complain.  Look up "party" in the dictionary.  Now have one!  Disclaimer: the sticky goo is a metaphor.  Sticky goo not included. 

Our Cards Against Humanity review: this is a game that's very simple: one player reads a "set-up" from a black card, and each other player "fills-in-the-blank" with one of their white cards.  Whoever has the answer that's best: naughtiest, silliest, funniest, most appropriate, most inappropriate -- wins the point.  But this straightforward description fails to do justice to the chuckling, choking, snorting, snickering, groaning, giggling, hilariously good time being had by you and your awful friends.  Cards Against Humanity is the perfect game for dirty minds, hams, punsters, goofballs, double-entendre-ers, non-sequiturs, hot chicks and French Canadians.

Where to buy Cards Against Humanity?  At the time of this writing, the Cards Against Humanity board game is the most-wished-for item in Toys & Games on Amazon.  Buy it here.  It will be a very popular Christmas gift this year.  Have fun! 

Here are some Cards Against Humanity examples:

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