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Marvel Zombies Zomnibus Review

Marvel Zombies Zomnibus amazon comic book graphic novel
Marvel Zomnibus
The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of fantasy and science fiction movies, TV and books, and of geek culture in general.  The two genres most successful in contributing to the nerdification of the planet have been zombies and superheroes.  The Walking Dead and The Avengers might not seem to have that much in common, but over the course of a few years, the good folks at Marvel comics -- never ones to allow popular trends to go unexplored -- found a way to marry the two genres: their gift to the world was Marvel Zombies.  As a concept, it's one of the most awesome mash-ups imaginable.  Zombies are cool.  Superheroes are cool.  Zombie superheroes are cool squared.  As executed, Marvel Zombies turned out to be a fun, campy, messy ride, a guilty pleasure of guts, gore and gloom.

The 6 Marvel Zombies mini-series, as well as zombie-relevant selections from Ultimate Fantastic Four, Black Panther and more, are collected in the Marvel Zomnibus.  This BIG 1200 page, 2.5 inch thick hardcover omnibus tells the story of an alternate Marvel Universe where zombified undead Marvel super-heroes have destroyed all life on Earth and have to seek out other dimensions where they can feed.  The beautiful conceit of Marvel Zombies is that the infected heroes retain much of their personalities: Spider-Man is still a kid with a conscience... Colonel America is still a natural leader... Hulk is the hungriest one there is.  This makes the characters much more entertaining than they would have been as mindless walkers -- the Marvel Zombies are the protagonists of the story, and while they're slaves to an unstoppable hunger, they're still free to be -- to an extent -- the characters we already know and love.

The Marvel Zombies concept began with an Ultimate Fantastic Four storyline, included here, by
Marvel Zombie Captain America
Zombie Cap has a battle plan
Mark Millar, who also wrote the Civil War, Ultimates and Kick-Ass comic books.  The first Marvel Zombies mini-series was launched by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comics and television series, a man who undeniably understands the zombie genre.  The Marvel Zomnibus also includes stellar "zombified" art versions of iconic classic Marvel comics covers painted by Arthur Suydum.

Marvel comics has recently announced an Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies project for 2015.  The Marvel Zombies Zomnibus is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the history of events before the new story unfolds.

We can't recommend the Marvel Zombies collection for kids; it's just too graphic, and some of the situations would definitely be unsettling for children.  Consider it adults-only due to braaaaains.  However, for the grown-ups, this book is a grisly good time.  As a bonus, this tome is heavy enough to be useful for barring a door in case of an actual zombie apocalypse!  Check the reviews on Amazon, and consider giving yourself the gift of gore.

X-Men Magneto Marvel Zombies Zomnibus cover

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